We find records of Herzegovina wines in the Middle Ages, and the first contingent was exported via Trieste to Europe in 1883. The quality of Herzegovinian wines is evidenced by the many medals awarded to them at international wine exhibitions. The first gold medals were awarded in 1898 and 1900 in Vienna, 1901 in Paris and 1903 in London. A characteristic feature of this locality is that the Hungarians, as experienced winegrowers, built vineyard plantations on 12 hectares in 1892, and a little later a wine cellar. The Habsburg court in Vienna was supplied with Lastvan wine Žilavka, of exceptional quality. Before the beginning of World War I, the Hungarians sold their vineyards and wine cellar to Šćep Vujičić, who continues the tradition of producing quality wines.
Over time, the cultivation and processing of grapes became a tradition for many Trebinje families, so that a large number of vineyards and wine cellars can be found in a relatively small area.
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