“LUX TRAVEL” is based on high quality tourism, professional service and customer satisfaction. Our reputation is our strategic capital, as well as a planned vision of the future, in order to respond to the growing challenges in the global development plan of the tourist offer. “LUX TRAVEL” deals with the sale of tourist arrangements in the country and abroad. Apart from the organization of tourist arrangements, it also deals with the sale of airline tickets to all destinations in the world, the sale of bus tickets, the organization of excursions, trips, seminars, airport transfers, provides accommodation in hotels of all categories all over Europe and the world, as well as private accommodation.

We have our own fleet of modernly equipped passenger cars, vans, minibuses and buses. Professional and friendly staff in the field of transfers, representatives and sales professionals make the holiday of their clients even more pleasant. “LUX TRAVEL” is a travel agency that offers its clients a quality service that does not end with reservation, but involves the entire care of their clients holiday.


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