Tara Rafting - 1 Day

On its 145 km long way from the Komovi mountain, the river Tara created a canyon almost a hundred kilometers long and 1.3 kilometers deep. The Tara Canyon is the second largest in the world (right behind the Colorado Grand Canyon), but it’s much more lively. Because of the crystal clear water (which can be drunk all along the length of the road) and extremely rich plant and animal world (many of these species are endemic), Tara is on the list of UNESCO protected areas. The Canyon and the Tara River have met even three conditions (one of which was sufficient enough) to become part of the UNESCO World Heritage of Natural Resources – a geological phenomenon, a hydrological phenomenon and a biological phenomenon.

Before the rafting, you will have a short course of how to behave on a boat and how to act in certain situations. The skipper is the one who drives a boat and gives you directions while driving. Rubber boats are specially made for rafting and can have 8-10 seats. All the skippers are licensed and certified by the International Rafting Federation.

All boats have special bags in which you can keep the cameras and phones, and all bungalows have electrical outlets so you can charge phones and appliances.

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