Piva Lake Cruising - 1 Day

Departure from Trebinje to Montenegro and driving through Podgorica and Niksic to Pluzine, a town located on the shore of the Piva Lake. After the construction of the Mratinje dam (240 m high) for the needs of HPP “Piva” in 1975, the city was moved several kilometers uphill, while the previous site was flooded with the new Pivsko Lake.

Upon arrival to Pluzine, a cruise ship will take us along the Piva Lake, which is 45 kilometers long and up to 200 meters deep. The rise of water is 675 m from the sea level, which is the highest level of water in some artificial reservoir in the world. The unusual beauty of the Piva Lake will make this boat ride an unforgettable memory. After a boat ride we will enjoy local specialties that will be served for lunch.

After lunch, we will visit the Piva Monastery, which was once located on the very source of the Piva River, but due to the Piva submersion and the construction of the hydroelectric power plant, the unique construction project of the transfer of the monastery together with the original frescoes was carried out. The undertaking was very complicated, since it is a monumental temple whose interior is painted with 1,260 square meters of outstanding colorful frescoes. The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was erected thanks to the then Metropolitan Savatio Sokolovic from 1573-1586 on the site where there was an older temple. Soon it became one of the most important centers of spiritual art and copywriting. The interior is decorated with sculptures and gold-plated iconostasis from 1638. It is distinguished by its proportionality, the splendor of the sculptures, with the impression of the painted icons of Longin and kir Kozma. In the church there is a decorative Bogorodičino kolo, a bishop’s table and doors, made of ivory. The treasury of the monastery is one of the richest in Montenegro and it consists of valuable collections of old manuscripts and first books printed in the Balkans (the only preserved Psalter from Obod).

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