On its 145 kilometers long course from the Komovi mountain range, the river Tara has made a canyon, almost one hundred kilometers long and 1.3 kilometers deep. The Tara Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world (right after the Colorado Grand Canyon), but it is much more picturesque and lively. Its crystal clear water (drinkable all along the way) and extraordinarily rich flora and fauna (many of these species are endemic) put Tara on UNESCO’s list of protected areas. The canyon and Tara river fulfilled even three conditions (and only one would be enough) to become a part of World Heritage of Natural Sites, and these are geological, hydro-logical and biological phenomena.

Before the rafting starts, you will pass a short training on how to behave in a boat and what to do in certain situations. Skippers ride the boat and instruct you during the ride. These rubber boats are made especially for rafting and they carry 8-10 persons, All the skippers are licensed by the International Rafting Federation.

All the boats have special bags for your devices and all the bungalows have power sockets so you can charge phones and other devices.

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